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ACTIVE breeder!

New York, Long Island reputable pet rat, hamster, short tailed opossum, and Serama breeder. AFRMA and NARR. Focusing on quality and temperament.

I work closely with my animals on an individual level. Every pairing is carefully planned and celebrated; I don't mass produce - I breed strictly for quality. All of my animals are pedigreed. For rats, types Include dwarf and standard. I breed both dumbo and standard eared rats. Color types include beige, blue, black, agouti, black hooded, Russian blue, blue agouti, cinnamon, Russian cinnamon, mink, fawn, etc. I also breed for silvermane. 

I allow clients into my home so they can see first hand the cages and conditions their new animal(s) were raised in.

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If you live in the city and don't own a car, you can take the train to Ronkonkoma Station (which is 25 mins away) and then you can take a taxi or Uber to me. If you're in CT, you can take the ferry to Port Jefferson and drive to me from there.

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