"Being a breeder is a tough job - a true labor of love. I hope you choose to support my breeding programs! Without client support, I wouldn't be able to continue doing what I love. My clients are super important to me. I make sure to provide the best experience possible - from working with me to starting a wonderful life with your new loving companion(s) and every step inbetween." - Laurinda W.

Question: Where did your bloodlines originate from? Answer: Aside from one line, all of my lines came from other breeders. A few of my past animals have not come from named ratteries such as my own. I found them through networking. I received my dwarf, blue-rex, Harley, marten, fawn rex, and Aussie lines from a breeder in PA who had acquired some of the best bloodlines in the country. Some of my lines can be traced back to Canadian and Australian breeders. The longer I work with my lines, the more I can understand them and improve them.
Question: You look so young! How old are you? Answer: Currently 24 years old. I am a recent Stony Brook University College graduate, spring 2018. I am not a home owner. I occupy an apartment inside my parent’s home that can be entered through the home’s main door. For income I work for my relative's daycare and as a career, I write novels. Photo of me below.
Question: How did you get involved with rats? Answer: I love ALL animals (including insects, horses, dogs, snakes, everything!), but rats have been a favorite of mine for a long time. My aunt is the person who started my interest for these amazing and highly intelligent creatures. When I was around nine years old, she mentioned to me that you can have a rat as a pet. The idea seemed crazy to me. I thought, “Who would want a rat as a pet?” I found myself looking at them in pet stores. I had never noticed them before. I didn't even know they were sold as pets or at all. After seeing them I fell in love with the idea of a companion rat. I felt it would be an unusual and cool animal to have. One of my first pets was my first rat. He was a beautiful black male whom I named after a Lion King character. He was purchased at a pet store. Even though he was sickly due to being poorly bred and raised, he was a good pet. I had three rats after him over time. After the third passed away I took a break from rat ownership. In 2015, I decided it was time to be a rat parent again. I thought about how these animals would be really rewarding to breed and how there a not many breeders where I am located. After some planning, researching, and searching I began my breeding program. The animals I learned from initially were animals from feeder stock. After a while, I stopped breeding them (aside from one line) and acquired better animals to work with in early 2016. I have since continued to improve the lines for temperament, color, size, structure, and more.
Question: Do you take in rescues? Answer: No. I have in the distant past, but no longer do so.  
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The Face of White Wolf Rattery & Hamstery


Laurinda W.

Yes, I'm 24! I know I don't look my age which is why I include a photo here. I want you to know exactly who to expect when you officially meet me. I'm very down to earth and friendly! Form a friendship with me. I am happy to hear from everyone who adopts babies from me. All of my animals come with "life-time" breeder support meaning that you can contact me at ANY point in their lives regarding questions. I am happy to give out advice and hear how they are doing!