Available baby hamsters, rats, opossums, and juvenile Seramas will be posted here. If you are on a wait list, you will have the ability to choose before those who are not on the list. Adults will also be posted here with their birthday and description.

For Rats:

Adults will be available to anyone (including those not on the wait list) when there are only adults posted with no babies to pair them with. Like babies, adults must be adopted in same sex multiples (minimum 2). 

Key term used in descriptions for rats:

Scruff - "Scruffing" is a temperament test. It involves holding the rat by the skin on the back of their neck. Sounds mean but it doesn't hurt when done right and it's a quick test. Ideally, all rats will not mind. Some mind more than others and while it's ideal for them to scruff nicely and even more ideal for them to "tuck" up their feet, it is not a clear determinant of good temperament. A rat can have a poor tuck and still have a friendly and loving temperament.

Tucking - to lift up their feet and tuck them into the body while also going limp.

Flailing - To swing the tail or body when scruffed

Jump-off test - A temperament test that allows me to see the overall comfort of the rat with people. I place the baby in my open palm and see what he/she does. Ideally, the baby will sit calmly in my hand. A bad reaction is when the baby "suicide jumps," which means the baby would rather jump off of my hand instead of safely staying put.

Temperament rating for rats: (Both ratings of 5 and 4 are considered very good. Rating three means the rat is pretty good but will benefit from socialization. Rating 2 is considered fair meaning that they will need a fair amount of socialization, but will still make a good pet.) 

5. Exceptional, perfect. Has a perfect or very good tuck during scruff test. Rat is friendly and squishy. Often labeled breeding quality depending on other factors.

4. Great temperament, social and outgoing, good or fair scruff, should settle quickly into his/her new home.

3. Fair temperament, can be social and outgoing or shy, might be a bit vocal when scruffed, fair scruff, will not tuck or may tuck but tenses when grabbed at. Will benefit by socialization.

2. Iffy temperament,  usually shy, will need socialization. Base temperament is not perfect, but this rat will be fine and make a good pet once handled daily and settled into a home. Rats rated 2 are best for either experienced homes or homes with no small children.

1. Rats will never be labeled one because I will not list a baby like this. Number one means they bite, scream, run away, hate people and life.

Remember, for those labeled breeding quality, it doesn't mean you have breeding rights when choosing that rat.

None currently available. Baby rats will be posted soon!