No holds without a deposit! The animal(s) will not be held for you unless a deposit is made.

For Rats:

Key term used in descriptions for rats:

Scruff - "Scruffing" is a temperament test. It involves holding the rat by the skin on the back of their neck. Sounds mean but it doesn't hurt when done right and it's a quick test. Ideally, all rats will not mind. Some mind more than others and while it's ideal for them to scruff nicely and even more ideal for them to "tuck" up their feet, it is not a clear determinant of good temperament. A rat can have a poor tuck and still have a friendly and loving temperament.

Tucking - to lift up their feet and tuck them into the body while also going limp.

Handling: What does "handling" mean with the word socialized or unsocialized after it? Read the "How I raise my Rats" section. I may or may not socialize the babies based on the litter/bloodline. The handling note of socialized or unsocialized lets you know whether the rat has been handled and raised in close proximity with people or not.

Temperament rating for rats: (Both ratings of 5 and 4 are considered very good. Rating three means the rat is pretty good, but will benefit from socialization. 

5. Exceptional, perfect. Has a perfect or very good tuck during scruff test. Rat is friendly and squishy. Sometimes labeled pick of the litter depending on other factors.

4. Great temperament, good or fair scruff, should settle quickly into his/her new home.

3. Fair temperament, usually determined by tendency to tense a little when handled, may not tuck, will benefit by socialization in a pet home.

2. Rats with this temperament will not be listed.

All animals are reserved under a strict no breeding contract unless otherwise discussed. 

Animals listed below are available unless stated otherwise.



Sex: Male  Age: 8 months  Bloodline: Engelmann

Temp: 4  Fee: $25

Available to new inquiries. Moeglee is a retiring wheaten male with standard ears. Beautiful big boy with a blocky head. This photo is old! I will be getting a new picture shortly. Moe can be dominant with other rats (not aggressive, just bossy). For this reason, he will need to be properly introduced to an established group as you should do regardless. His base temperament is good. Handles well for me and is friendly. His fee is the same whether reserved as a single or with another rat.