Updated on 12/13/17

The four Aussie litters out of Amara, Elora, Candy, and Cassie will be list on the 16th and hopefully let them go on the 22nd and 23rd. Please plan accordingly! If you think you will be getting rats from these litters and won't be around for Dec 23rd, you can delay pickup for the following week for a $5 late fee or you can wait for the next litters.

Martin cage (The Rat Tower) for sale! See the "Items for Sale" section for more info.

There is a sale on hammocks! Buy five and get them all for $22.

Blue Rex Line: I have paired the two black rex females to my young American blue buck.

New short tailed opossum breeding program! Check them out in the new section of the website.

Hamsters available around March 2018.

Plans for the future:

  1. Fawn pairings are next!
  2. Also in the plans - an American blue doe (currently unnamed). She will likely be paired to my American blue buck who is also currently unnamed.
  3. Likely in March, or around that time, I will have Syrian Hamsters available.

Just for fun, I felt like uploading this quote by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Below is how interpret it to my own lifestyle and passion.

-Breeding is a process which should not be hurried. Breeding is an endless goal that should not rest. Keep going and keep improving, but take your time. Think it out. Plan plan plan-