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Updated on 6/17/18

Selling my roach colony! Entire set up for just $100. Includes everything you need. Email if interested.

Congrats to Zadie! She had 6 babies on 6/17/18.

Ellery's litters will be listed for deposits on the 23rd.

Grace's litter will be listed for deposits on the 23rd.

Congrats to Ari. She had 10 babies on 6/9/18. Ari is not yet pictured on my website, but she is a black hooded female. This is her first litter.

Congrats to Alina! She had 12 babies on 6/5/18. Eleven babies remain.

Bitty, the powdered blue dwarf female was paired with two young powdered blue dwarf males. One of the males is a rex. I will know which male sires the litter based on whether any of the babies are rex or not. I put her with two young males to increase the chances of conception since both males are younger than Bitty and both are inexperienced.

Mushy-Girl, Vera, and Bella were paired with Blue-Bear for two Aussie litters.

A large litter of 14 was born from my black & agouti line. This line does not get photo updates in the Nursery. They are offered for deposits first come first serve once listed in a single group photo at 5 weeks old. Choosing which babies you want would occur in person if you decide to get a pair from this litter.

Working on a hamster pairing. The pairing is Candy and Leo! I'm excited to get a litter from this pair.

Congrats to Ellery! She had a big litter of 10 on 5/22/18. Nine babies remain.