ham 10

Updated on 2/21/18

I will be Tat marking Malaya's litter this weekend. Her babies will be listed for deposits on the 3rd and allowed to leave for their new homes on the 10th. If you are likely to get babies from this litter, please plan ahead. 

Congrats to Jetta, the hamster. She had her litter on 2/21/18. It looks like there are around 9 babies. Hoping all continue to do well! 

Congrats to Sandy! She had her litter on 2/17/18. Looks like there are 12 babies! See a video of them on my facebook page. 

Congrats to Azora! She had 8 babies. See the Nursery for a photo. 

Azalea & Blue-Bear have been paired on the 2nd! They will have the next Aussie litter. Both of these rats have AMAZING temperaments and beauty. Their litter will be incredible. This will be Azalea's final litter and she will be available to leave with a few of her eventual female babies. 

I will be letting some adult retired females go soon. They'll be posted periodically. 

The Harley gene has joined my rattery!

Upcoming breedings: 

  1. Harley x Aussie breeding
  2. Aussie Breeding