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Updated on 4/18/18 

Amara's litter will be listed on the 28th for deposits and let go on the 5th of May. 

Sadly, what I have feared has happened. Both of Mara's two babies have passed away. RIP little ones. 

Grace x Wade Jr have been paired and Minnow x Bluford have been paired for an early June litters. I am not yet sure if Mara is pregnant.  

Congrats to Mushy- Girl! She had her litter the morning of 4/4/18. 

I have paired Bow and Ella on the 30th for what should hopefully result in our first opossum litter! If conception occurs, the babies will be ready for homes in around late May. Join the wait list for this upcoming litter!

I will be listing retired females and males periodically. 

Upcoming breedings: 

  1. Fawn rat breeding
  2. Black hooded rat breeding 
  3. Aussie breeding