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Updated on 7/20/18

Due to a heavy schedule for today, I decided to hold off on listing Zadie's babies. They will be listed for deposits on the 28th. Mushy-Girl and Vera's litters will also be listed on the 28th unless plans change again. Sorry for the delay on Zadie's babies.

Congrats to Freya! She had her litter on 7/19/18. I have not yet counted, but it looks to be a large litter. Will have the number of babies soon.

Ellery from my black hooded line has bounced back beautifully from her last litter. I decided to go ahead and pair her with Rex for her second litter.

I paired Marigold and Bowie for a fawn rex litter.

Orea the Syrian hamster is expecting her first litter!

Congrats to Bitty! She had just one baby on 7/4/18. Her baby survived and is now being fostered. I am unsure if he will be kept or let go to a pet home.

Congrats to Vera! She had a litter of 6 on 6/24. Vera is now fostering most of Mushy-girls litter and Zadie is helping out, too! See a more detailed reasoning in the Nursery.

Congrats to Mushy-Girl! She had a big aussie litter of fourteen on 6/22. Father is Blue-Bear.