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Updated on 9/21/18

No pickups for October 27th.

A lot of upcoming litters!

I now have photos of my rabbitry cages/hutches on my sister site www.whitewolfrabbitry.com. If you're interested in getting a bunny next year, I hope to have quality litters from really nice show lines.

Being listed as available soon: Ellery and Ari's black hooded litters will be listed on the 29th of September. On the 6th of October, I will be listing Rain's Aussie litter, Azora's blue rex litter, Vera's Aussie litter, and Katniss's hamster litter. On the 13th of October, I will be listing Morgana's harley litter and Zadie's blended line litter. On the 27th of October, I will list Diva's marten litter and Amara's Harley litter. I may also have some classic black & Agouti line babies available that weekend. Plans may change in time for what is listed each weekend, but for now - this is what I expect will occur!


Black hooded line news: Congrats to Ellery! She had her litter on 8/27. Just two babies and both look to be girls. Congrats to Ari! She had a big litter of 13 on 8/28. Ellery is fostering 6 of them to help feed them better. Sire of both litters is Rex.

Blue Rex line news: Congrats to Azora! She had seven babies on 8/30. Her litter will be listed on October 6th.

Blended line news: Congrats to Zadie! She had a litter on 9/1. Father is Moeglee. Her litter will be listed for deposits on October 13th.

Fairblaze line news: Pairings planned for 10/8/18. Hopeful for litters ready in December.

Harley line news: Congrats to Amara! She had a small litter of 3 on 9/15. Father is Commodus. Congrats to Morgana! She had a litter of 5 on 9/2. Father is Commodus.

Marten line news: Congrats to Diva! She had a litter of 8 on 9/14. Father is Dragon. Diva's litter should be listed on the 27th of October for deposits.

Aussie line news: Congrats to Vera! She had her final litter on 9/1. Father of her litter is Wade Jr. Congrats to Rain! She had 13 babies on 8/28. Father of Rain's litter is Merlin.

Fawn rex line news: Plans to repair Marigold x Bowie tomorrow (9/21) for a litter ready hopefully in late November.

Dwarf line news: Bitty and two other dwarf girls were paired with Peanut, my American Blue rex dumbo dwarf for hopefully three American Blue rex dumbo dwarf litters. Peanut is young and three females is a lot for him to cover so conception may be delayed.

Classic Black & Agouti line news: Regular babies will be available from this line starting soon. Temperaments produced are currently around 2-3 ratings. I am working on primarily improving temperament. Only select animals from this line will be offered for pet placement.


  • Congrats to Katniss! She had her litter on 8/30. Twelve babies! Father of her litter is Leo. Due to the large number of rat litters born currently, I may not do individual photos of the hamsters and instead offer them for choosing in person. I will have to see how it works out. I separated the sexes on 9/20. Lots of boys!