Not all of my breeding rats will be listed here.



Handsome, isn't he? Floki is from the fairblaze bloodline. He is a Russian blue wedge blazed rex berkshire dumbo. Lovely temperament on him. Video:

mart 1


Pictured above is young Dragon. He's a Black hooded marten with standard ears from the Marten line. He's pictured young here. Really sweet boy.

Breeding Status: Active

buck 101
buck 102



Pictured while going through an interesting molt, this handsome boy is an agouti burmese? The facial darkening is unusual. Moeglee looks like a wheaten (agouti burmese), but it does not really make sense for the genetics carried in the line. He is out of the blended line. Moeglee has a really nice head shape. His ears are standard. Overall, a nice boy.

Breeding Status: Active




Merlin is one of my all time favorite rats. They don't get any squishier than this!! Gorgeous Aussie male. I believe he's a blue cinnamon. Lovely dumbo ears. Just the perfect rat. See this guy on youtube:




Commudus is a very nice American Blue silvermane Harley dumbo from the Harley Line. Amazing fur on him. He comes from an incredible bloodline. Very excited to have this boy! See Commodus on youtube:

Breeding Status: Active



This beautiful young female is from the Fairblaze bloodline. She's a Russian blue wedge blazed dumbo. Perfect example of her bloodline. Very nice temperament on her. See a video of her on youtube:

Breeding Status: Active

st 2


A stunning black hooded dumbo doe with such a perfect stripe is a true rarity. Such a special girl for so many reasons. Ellery is insanely sweet, friendly, and intelligent. She is 110% a shoulder rat. Even when she can climb from my shoulder to the couch she just stays curled up in my hair - which is unique for a young female. She'll happily chatter her bruxing teeth while relaxing on me as I watch a movie. She's also naturally VERY polite meaning she won't toilet on me - something I didn't have to train her to not do. She will have a rich breeding career, but once retired I will be keeping her to live out her days with me as a companion rat.

Breeding Status: Active



Rex is a black hooded dumbo male from my black hooded bloodline. He is pictured young here. Really sweet boy and maturing nicely.

Breeding Status: Active




Bitty is an American blue dwarf Irish dumbo. So tiny! Not sure how big this beauty will mature at, but she's close to her adult size. Despite her size, shes a very confident and friendly girl. Very excited to work with her.

Breeding Status: Active