I only breed the best.

wade 2


NARR name/number: Hart of Wade 02 - 170235/M

Wade is a gorgeous a Russian cinnamon silvermane dumbo Aussie (He's 50% Aussie). He is probably the sweetest male rat I have ever produced. Total lap rat and he's a licker! He will sit in my hands perfectly still and just enjoy my love. Very friendly too. The total package.

Breeding Status: Active

amara 2


NARR name/number: Amara Mystic 02 WWR - 170264/F

This amazing and very special Aussie girl is a Russian Dove silvermane. She is an Aussie (50%), dumbo berkshire with black eyes. Amara tucks perfectly and is super mushy. Not to mention her immense beauty and long luscious fur. I'm super super SUPER excited for her eventual litters. Literally can't wait!!!

Breeding Status: Active

-First litter born 11/7/17

blaze baby


NARR name/number: Elora's Castle 01 - 170233/F

Beautiful Elora is an Aussie wedge blazed cinnamon silvermane dumbo Berkshire. She has big bright eyes and a sweet disposition. Like all of my Aussies, Elora's bloodline is from imported Australian linage. Elora is a great example of this incredible line. I look forward toward her breeding career.

Breeding Status: Active

-First litter born 11/8/17



NARR name/number: Cassie Catch-Me 02 - 170261/F

Cassie is a super pretty Aussie silvermane russian blue dumbo berkshire. She is very sweet and curious. Cassie is 50% Aussie, but strongly takes after her full Aussie mother. Love this girl. Very excited to work with her.

Breeding Status: Active

-First litter born 11/10/17.

russian blue baby


NARR name/number: Vera Mirror on the Wall 02- 170234/F

Vera is a lovely Aussie Russian blue dumbo berkshire (50% Aussie). She is very very friendly - loves attention. She's a big girl; very good structure on her. Vera will make an wonderful addition to my breeding program. I'm very excited to have her.

Breeding Status: Active

-First litter born 12/1/17

sm 1


NARR name/number: Azalea Flower 01 - 170211/F

Azalea is an Aussie dumbo agouti silvermane berkshire doe. She is pictured at 14 weeks old here. She has an amazing temperament. Very friendly, confident, and curious. A real sweet heart with a perfect tuck. Azalea's bloodline can be tracked back to imported rats from Australia. Read more about Aussies in the "Types I breed" section. See more photos of her in the "Gallery."

Breeding Status: Active

-First litter born 7/8/17

-Second litter born 10/17/17

sm 2


NARR name/number: Dahlia Lady 01 - 170212/F

This lovely girl is an American blue Aussie silvermane dumbo berkshire. She is pictured here at 10 weeks old. She tucks really well and she is very playful! Dahlia's bloodline can be tracked to imported rats from Australia. Read more about Aussies in the "Types I Breed" section of my website.

Breeding Status: Active

-First litter born 7/25/17

-Second litter born 10/16/17



NARR name/number: Eye Candy 01 - 170232/F

Candy is full Aussie. She's an Aussie dumbo Russian dove silvermane. Super pretty. She's very sweet. Her eyes are big, bright, and set nicely. She has a very nice head and a great overall structure. She's pictured young here.

Breeding Status: Active

-First litter born 11/9/17



NARR name/number: Of all the Enzo 02 - WWR 170228/M

Enzo is a mushy boy with a great tuck and a passive disposition. Friendly boy - I love to pick him up for kisses. He is a very handsome black rex berkshire dumbo. Enzo was born at WWR out of Moga x Dexter. I look forward to his breeding career.

Breeding Status: Active



NARR name/number: Ella Emma 02 - WWR 170263/F

Emma is an American Blue berkshire dumbo. She has a cute star on her head. Emma was born out of Blueberry x Minty. She is very sweet, friendly, and loving. Emma was a little nervous growing up, but has matured into the perfect rat.

Breeding Status: Active

-First litter born 9/29/17

dexter official picture

NARR name/number: Dexter of Life 01 WWR - 170114/M

This awesome Russian blue berkshire dumbo male is Dexter. Believe it or not, this photo was not edited. I took this picture in my front yard in the spring and it happened to come out very sharp and clear. Dexter has some silvering. He is a VERY chill and mushy rat. Such a love bug. He tucks beautifully; awesome temperament! Only down side to him is that he can be overly dominant sometimes. Dex carries the dwarf gene.

Breeding Status: Retired



NARR name/number: Ivana blaze Runner 05 - WWR - 170226/F

This gorgeous girl is out of my beige hooded line. She's a recessive blaze beige bareback doe with standard ears and fur. Her markings are super pretty and she has the best personality; friendly, super curious, playful and very quick to greet me. Now that I know my beige hooded line carries recessive blazing, I will be breeding for the trait. Ideally, I will have future gens that have a nice beige hood and a pretty perfect blaze on the face. Ivana is 4th gen in my beige hooded line. I look forward to her breeding career.

Breeding Status: Active

-First litter born 9/29/17



NARR name/number: Bitty Baby 03 -

Bitty is an American blue dwarf Irish dumbo. So tiny! Not sure how big this beauty will mature at, but she's close to her adult size. Despite her size, shes a very confident and friendly girl. Very excited to work with her.

Breeding Status: Active

d 2


NARR name/number: Moana of Blue 02 -WWR- 170209/F

Moana is a Russian blue rex self dwarf dumbo. She matured to be 150 grams so she's on the larger side for a dwarf. Moana is very sweet and she has a perfect tuck when scruffed. Love this girl!

Breeding Status: Active

-First litter born 7/22/17

d 3


NARR name/number: Blue Minnow 02 -WWR- 170208/F

Little Minnow's name really suits her. She is a Russian blue rex berkshire dwarf dumbo. Minnow matured at 120 grams. She is out of Moga and Dexter. She grew into a social, loving girl and I just adore her.

Breeding Status: Active

-First litter born 7/22/17

-Second litter born 12/2/17



NARR name/number: Dennis Dallas 01 WWR - 170260/M

Dennis is an Aussie cinnamon dumbo. He is a low expression silvermane. Dennis is very sweet and sooo pretty. Such a beautiful color on him. He is a great addition to my breeding program.

Breeding Status: Active