I only breed the best.

mush 2

Mushy - Girl 

NARR name/number: Pending 

Mushy - girl is an Aussie dumbo blue agouti berkshire. Her name is descriptive of her perfect nature. Absolute mush! So sweet, friendly and pretty. She was pregnant in these photos. 

Breeding Status: Active 

-First litter born  4/4/18


Wade Junior 

NARR name/number: Pending

This handsome guy is the son of my favorite past breeding male, Wade.  I believe he is a light Russian Cinnamon Silvermane dumbo. He may also be a Russian Mink Silvermane dumbo. Super friendly and squishy temperament. 

Breeding Status: Active 



NARR name/number: Grace Goddess 03 - 180003/F

This girl is my new favorite. She's a rare Russian Dove silvermane out of my Aussie line. Her beauty is incredible. Super sweet, friendly, and loving too. Just the perfect rat. 

Breeding Status: Active

st 2


A stunning black hooded dumbo doe with such a perfect stripe is a true rarity. Such a special girl for so many reasons. Ellery is insanely sweet, friendly, and intelligent. She is 110% a shoulder rat. Even when she can climb from my shoulder to the couch she just stays curled up in my hair - which is unique for a young female. She'll happily chatter her bruxing teeth while relaxing on me as I watch a movie. She's also naturally VERY polite meaning she won't toilet on me - something I didn't have to train her to not do. She will have a rich breeding career, but once retired I will be keeping her to live out her days with me as a companion rat. 

Breeding Status: Too young



NARR name/number: Pending 

Martin is a handsome Russian blue Marten Harley dumbo berkshire. The marten gene dilutes his Russian Blue color making him look American blue. Currently a nice coat on him. Really sweet and passive boy!

Breeding Status: Active

r b

Blue Bear

NARR name/number: Pending

This handsome guy is the son of Wade. The photo does him no justice - he's very pretty! He's an Aussie Russian Blue silvermane dumbo berkshire. Blue-Bear's temperament is amazing. SUCH a sweet heart and one of the best foot tuckers I have produced yet. He is just wonderful. Super sweet, beautiful, friendly - the whole package just like his dad, Wade. Blue-Bear will make an excellent addition to my breeding program.

Breeding Status: Inactive

adult f


NARR name/number: Mighty Mara 03 - 170266/F

Mara is a deep black dumbo rex self from my blue rex line. She is a nice large girl, but she was pregnant in this photo. Really nice ears on her and a great temperament. Her build reminds me of a black bear. Really cute rat.

Breeding Status: Active

-First litter born 1/1/18



NARR name/number: Bluford Buddy 03 - 180008/M

Bluford is an American blue dumbo berkshire from my blue rex line. American blue is such a pretty color and he has a really nice light shade. He has an amazing temperament. Super sweet and friendly with a perfect tuck! Just a great example of this line.

Breeding Status: Active

amara 2


NARR name/number: Amara Mystic 02 WWR - 170264/F

This amazing and very special Aussie girl is a Russian Dove silvermane. She is an Aussie (50%), dumbo berkshire with black eyes. Amara tucks perfectly and is super mushy. Not to mention her immense beauty and long luscious fur. Wonderful rat.

Breeding Status: Active

-First litter born 11/7/17

-Second litter born 3/20/18

russian blue baby


NARR name/number: Vera Mirror on the Wall 02- 170234/F

Vera is a lovely Aussie Russian blue dumbo berkshire (50% Aussie). She is very very friendly - loves attention. She's a big girl; very good structure on her. Vera will make an wonderful addition to my breeding program. I'm very excited to have her.

Breeding Status: Active

-First litter born 11/22/17



NARR name/number: Alina Loves Me 03 - 180006/F

Alina is an Aussie dumbo black silvermane self. Her silvering is very nice. Alina's name means bright/light which is exactly what this beautiful rat is thanks to her silvermane gene. Alina has a very good temperament. Super sweet and she has a perfect tuck during a scruff. I'm very excited for her future litters!

Breeding Status: Inactive



NARR name/number: Ivana blaze Runner 05 - WWR - 170226/F

This gorgeous girl is out of my beige hooded line. She's a recessive blaze beige bareback doe with standard ears and fur. Her markings are super pretty and she has the best personality; friendly, super curious, playful and very quick to greet me. Now that I know my beige hooded line carries recessive blazing, I will be breeding for the trait. Ideally, I will have future gens that have a nice beige hood and a pretty perfect blaze on the face. Ivana is 4th gen in my beige hooded line. I look forward to her breeding career.

Breeding Status: Active

-First litter born 9/29/17



NARR name/number: Irina of Peace 03 - 170259

Bitty is an American blue dwarf Irish dumbo. So tiny! Not sure how big this beauty will mature at, but she's close to her adult size. Despite her size, shes a very confident and friendly girl. Very excited to work with her.

Breeding Status: Active



NARR name/number: Pending

This handsome guy is an Aussie true hairless. He has peach fuzz throughout his body that may lesson with age. Super sweet boy. Cedric will be the first hairless breeder at WWR&H. He was born out of Vera x Wade.