Photos last updated 12/12/17

You should NOT buy from any breeder who does not allow you to see their set up in person. Pictures are worth a thousand words, but seeing everything in person is really important. A breeder can make their set up perfect and clean for pictures and videos, but generally keep the conditions of the cages very poor. I allow all of my adopters into my rat/hamster room to see the set up and conditions in person.

The very large bins are mostly for Syrian Hamsters and my Opossums. The bins measure 32 inches long and 19 inches wide.

I use micro cut shredded paper, newspaper, and cardboard mixed with PetsPick low dust kiln dried pine for all of my animals as bedding. I also add Sweet PDZ to the cages as an added ammonia and ordor control. All cages are cleaned once a week. I generally clean the entire rattery/hamstery every Friday. Cleaning takes about 6-8 hours, more if all 25 of my cages are being used at once.

cage 1
cage 2

This photo features the typical set up for my Syrian hamsters.