Converting to a closed rattery in May. This means no visitors in the animal room. 


Photos last updated 12/12/17

The very large bins are mostly for Syrian Hamsters and my Opossums. The bins measure 32 inches long and 19 inches wide. The tall cages are critter nation triples.

I use micro cut shredded paper, newspaper, and cardboard mixed with PetsPick low dust kiln dried pine for all of my animals as bedding. I also sometimes add Sweet PDZ to the cages as an added ammonia and ordor control. All cages are cleaned once a week. I generally clean the entire rattery/hamstery every Thursday and Friday (bins on Thursday & critter nations on Friday) Cleaning takes about 6-8 hours for each day, more if all 25 of my cages are being used at once. This is largely due to the paper being shred as I clean.

cage 1
cage 2

This photo features the typical set up for my Syrian hamsters.