My website will not let me upload videos so I decided to just make a youtube channel. Please subscribe! Links to my channel videos will be listed here. Search the URL on google to find the video. Once I get 100 subscribers I can have my own youtube channel address. Every new subscriber is greatly appreciated! Thank you for your support.

Please let me know if any of the following links do not work.

Adorable Fat Rat Baby -

Newborn Rat Yawning Next to Mother -

Baby Duck Falls Asleep -

Rat Explores a Waterfall -

Dumbo Rat Baby -

Black & Agouti Rats from Blended line -

Aussie Rat Litter -

Aussie Litter with Silvermane and Harley Babies -

Fawn Rex Litter -

Blended Line Litter -

(Rabbit video) Blue Netherland Dwarf Ten Weeks Old -

Merlin The Aussie Dumbo Rat -

Young Harley Rat -

Beige Banded Syrian Hamster -

Golden Banded Syrian Hamster Baby -

Beige Banded Syrian Hamster Baby -

Russian Blue Blazed Rat from Fairblaze Bloodline -

Tiny Dwarf Rat Baby -

Chunky Blue Rat Baby Pup -

Aussie Adult Male -

Three Black Rats -

Agouti Berkshire Rat -

Agouti Variegated Blended Line -