This page shows current babies in the nursery or pregnant moms. The babies are not yet available! This section is just so you can watch them grow. Photos are updated frequently. Once they are ready for deposits they will have individual pictures posted in the "Available Babies & Adults" section with their information under it.


Silver button Quail example. Photo example found:

Two serama eggs and 22 (now 20) button quail eggs currently incubating. If you're interested in Seramas or quail, please sign up for my email list.  There is no sign up fee to join the list.  

mush 2

Congrats to Mushy-Girl! She had her first litter on 4/4/18. Big litter of 14! Father is Blue-Bear. Photo on right taken 4/20/18. Sadly, three babies passed away. There are now 11 remaining babies. One more is not doing well. Mom is not producing enough milk so I am supplement feeding this litter every 3 hours.

rats 2

Huge news! Congrats to Amara and Martin! Amara had 12 babies on 3/20/18. Photo taken 4/12/18. Eleven babies remain after the runt passed away. A bunch of shocking surprises this litter holds. The first being that the incredibly rare gene "Satin" has popped up. Notice the babies pictured here with super shinny/glossy fur. Amara is from a different bloodline that is unknown to have recessive Satin and Harley. I was told the Harley father is likely a Satin carrier, but after working with the aussies for a long time, neither satin nor Harley never once popped up until this outcrossing. There's also silvermane! And even more so, there is one roan and some martens! This litter is genetically the most fascinating I have ever produced. Nine girls and two boys. 

hus 1
hus 3

Updated: 4/16. Currently now have 7 serama babies. The four older chicks pictured above during their first trip outside. My three younger babies have a lavender color. I'm curious on what color they will feather out to be.