This page shows current babies in the nursery or pregnant moms. The babies are not yet available! This section is just so you can watch them grow. Photos are updated frequently. Once they are ready for deposits, they will have individual pictures posted in the "Available Babies & Adults" section with their information under it.

The Nursery is currently very full! I have a lot more litters than I typically have at once. Not all of my litters are pictured. 


Congrats to Morgana! Harley line litter. She had five babies on 9/2. Photo taken 9/11. Four remain. The blue hooded is a harley female and I expect her to be available to a pet home. Check out these babies on youtube:


Congrats to Azora! Lovely blue rex litter. Seven babies born 8/30. Photo taken 9/11. This is an unexpected litter. I didn't think she ever conceived. Happy to see her new and final litter. Father is Dexter. All babies will have a standard coat.


Congrats to Rain! This is an aussie litter. Rain had 13 babies born 8/28. Photo taken 9/11. Beautiful litter! Father is Merlin. Look to be a lot of silvermanes!


Congrats to Ari! Black hooded litter. She had 13 on 8/28. Photo taken 9/11. Six of her babies are being fostered by Ellery. I expect most or all of her babies to be standard eared.


Congrats to Katniss! Beautiful new Syrian hamster litter born on 8/30. I have not yet counted, but it's obviously a large litter. They will be listed for deposits on 10/6.