This page shows current babies in the nursery or pregnant moms. The babies are not yet available! This section is just so you can watch them grow or see what litters are upcoming. Once they are ready for deposits, they will have individual or group pictures posted in the "Available Babies & Adults" section with their information under it.

Some upcoming litters may not be shown here.


Aussie x Fairblaze cross litter. Born out of Goddess and Floki on 1/11/19. Photo taken 1/18. They are all dumbos with the following mix/combo of genes: Rex, Silvermane, Berkshire.


Engelmann litters born on out of Ourah x Spike and Mercedes x Spike on 1/4/19 and 1/5/19. Photo taken 1/18. Sadly, Mercedes decided she didn't want to be a mom after a difficult labor, but Ourah is doing a fantastic job with all of the babies! Both dumbos and standard eared.

fair new

Upcoming Fairblaze litter out of Jenna and Floki born 1/11/19. Photo taken 1/18. All dumbos.

blue rex

Upcoming Blue Rex litter out of Genovia x Danny. Born 1/12/18. Photo taken 1/18. All dumbos.

candy 111

There are three hamster babies growing nicely out of Candy x Negan. All three look to be cream color.


Arabella's litter. Born 1/2/19. Photo taken 1/6/19. Sadly,  as of 1/18, only four babies remain of the original eight. Two girls, two boys.


Kallie and Floki's litter from the Fairblaze bloodline. The litter is almost all boys. I expect only males will be offered for deposit when the litter is ready. Right photo taken 1/1/19. Left pic taken 1/8. New video:


Christmas babies! Born 12/25/18. Beautiful new black hooded litter. Out of Ellery x Rex. Photo taken 1/10/19. Video: