This page shows current babies in the nursery or pregnant moms. The babies are not yet available! This section is just so you can watch them grow. Photos are updated frequently. Once they are ready for deposits they will have individual pictures posted in the "Available Babies" section with their information under it.


Congrats to Jetta, the hamster! It looks like there are around 9 babies. Hoping all continue to do well. 


Serama eggs in the incubator. I will be candling them tonight to see which are growing. I know at least 2 are. Oldest growing egg is due on March 5th. They are being hand turned. 

bubs 2

Congrats to Sandy, the Syrian hamster! She had her babies on 2/17/18. I believe there are 12! See my facebook page for a video of the litter. 

little 2

Congrats to Azora! She had 8 babies on 2/3/18. Photo taken 2/16/18. Three look to be 3 Siamese babies. 


Congrats to Malaya! She had 11 babies on 1/17/18. Photo taken 2/4/18. A few of the babies look pretty small. They may be runts or possibly dwarf since dwarf runs in the blue rex line. Regardless, they are perfectly healthy - developing at the same rate as the other babies. Fur and whiskers came in at the right time. Six boys, five girls. Also shown is the black hooded female Malaya is fostering for me. Not all of Malaya's babies are in this picture.