This page shows current babies in the nursery or pregnant moms. The babies are not yet available! This section is just so you can watch them grow. Photos are updated frequently. Once they are ready for deposits, they will have individual pictures posted in the "Available Babies & Adults" section with their information under it.


Check out these babies on youtube! Not all are in the video. Link:

Congrats to Vera! She had 6 aussie babies on 6/24/18. Congrats to Mushy-Girl! She had 14 on 6/22/18. Things have gotten a little nuts with my current litters! Mushy-girl was not making enough milk so I gave four of her babies to Vera. I noticed that Mushy-girl was still having trouble. As of result, I decided to retire Mushy-Girl now, give Vera 14 babies to raise, and give Zadie 6 babies. Vera is the largest female in my rattery and she is producing the most milk. I am so grateful she has happily adopted the extra mouths. Due to all of this switcheroo, I no longer know which babies belong to Vera vs which belong to Mushy-Girl. This is not problematic unless you feel it's necessary  to know exactly who the mother is. Both litters were sired by Blue-Bear. All babies will have amazing temperaments. I see two Harley babies in these litters. These litters are being listed on the 28th for deposits.


Check out these babies on youtube! Link:

Congrats to Zadie! She had 6 babies on 6/17/18. Photos taken 7/5. Zadie is from the Blended line. Father is Moeglee. Four boys, 2 girls! All babies have standard ears. Five agouti and one black. Four will be available. This litter is being listed on the 28st for deposits!