This page shows current babies in the nursery or pregnant moms. The babies are not yet available! This section is just so you can watch them grow. Photos are updated frequently. Once they are ready for deposits they will have individual pictures posted in the "Available Babies" section with their information under it.


Congratulations to minnow! She delivered 6 dwarf babies on 12/2/17. Photo taken 12/11. To my complete surprise almost all of these dwarf babies are hairless. Only one is not a hairless. Also of concern is the DWS markings. This litter is at very high risk of developing mega colon, a fatal condition. I'll be keeping a close watch on these babies.


Congrats to Tally Tansy! She had 10 babies on 12/1/17. Photo taken 12/11/17.


Congratulations to Vera! She had a very big litter of 15 on 11/22/17. All have black eyes. Sadly, two of the babies passed away, so there are 13 babies now. Four are true hairless! Photo taken 12/11/17.