I now have two huskies!

Ollie (Oliver) is the official rattery mascot. He is a purebred winter white full AKC registered racing style Siberian Husky. You'll notice some photos of him with other animal species. Because I work with a lot of small animals, Ollie routinely gets prey drive resistance training aka impulse training. Frequent heavily supervised exposure keeps his drive resistance strong.

Ollie is now embark health tested! He tested clear for all 163 different genetic diseases including the two most common for his breed. Ollie comes from a long line of health tested lineage. I hope to have his hips and eyes done next. See results by using his profile name on the Embark website: EMBK.ME/OLLIE75

We now have a new husky! Meet "no-name" since she currently is not yet named. She's a black and white purebred AKC registered Siberian husky puppy. I decided to share her with you all so you can watch her grow up. I'll update when I have chosen a name for her. She was born 4/13/18. Such a smart, sweet, and easy puppy! She is potty training quickly and loves cuddles.

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