Not all toys and treats sold in stores are safe for rats. I have acquired these safe items directly from the company in bulk so that I can offer them to you for the best prices. Hammocks I sell are hand made by me. Take advantage of what I have to offer! I really appreciate when people source their toys and hammocks from me. All items are brand new and made with safe dyes.

All items here are in stock unless stated otherwise. You can reserve toys/items before your visit! This is a good idea if you see an item you want and it states it is low in stock. If you want to reserve items in advance, just email me by the email stated below. Please keep in mind that you will be committed to buy any items you reserve. Insects must be reserved in advance of your appointment. 


I can ship orders over $30. Shipping is additional (generally $6.25-$13.50). 


Weaved wooden ball with confetti. Color varies. Really neat toy that rats love! About 7.5 inches wide.

Price: $7

b t 3

Hammock buddies! Super cute stuffed donut toy. Pink or blue. Measures about 5 inches across.

Price: $2 each

b t 1

Hammock buddies! Pepper, egg plant, and banana stuffed toys. Really cute as a hammock snuggle toy for your ratties.

Price: $2 each


Coconut hidey house. Made with real coconut shell. Baby rats in new homes really appreciate this cozy and secure hanging hide. Great for hamsters and opossums too. Size varies.

Price: $10 

bowls 2

Food bowls. The metal version is stainless steel and measures 6.5 inches wide. The larger plastic bowl measures almost 8.5 inches wide. Small bowls are 5 inches wide. The larger bowl is perfect for using as a pea fishing bowl. Pour some frozen peas into some warm water within this bowl and watch them fish for pea treats! You can also use other treats like carrots and grapes. The large plastic bowls come in off-beige or blue.

Stainless Steel bowl: $3  (In stock)

Large Plastic bowl: $3  (Sold out)

Small plastic bowl: $2  (In stock)


Wood slice w/ four hanging arms. Makes a great chewing toy. Perfect for hamsters or rats. Measures about 14 inches long.

Price: $14


Leash and harness combo. This is the only leash/harness I sell and recommend. It works extremely well and it's high quality. It's adjustable to fit all standard rats. This harness is comfortable, easy for the rat to move in, and doesn't bother most rats. Allows you to bring your rat outside safely, allows you to recall train easily, and allows controlled out of cage play time. Comes in pink or blue.


Price: $6 each


Basket weaved ball toy. Measures about 7 inches long.

Price: $6


*Highly Recommended* 

My rats are currently on Kent rat diet. It's a protein block that is formulated for breeding rats sold in very large bags. Since Kent is more suited for breeders and hard to find, you'll need to switch your rats to Oxbow or a similar food once you take them home. The sharp transition to a different brand can be hard on their digestive systems potentially causing loose stool which can make them sick. I highly recommend purchasing a small bag of Kent food from me so that you can transition your rats properly to Oxbow or any of the other recommended pet home brands.

Price: $10 for one pound

hams 1

Handmade tube hammocks. Examples shown. Rats love these! Super cozy and great especially for babies in new homes. Various patterns and colors. Available patterns change.

Price: $6 each

(Sold out, order yours!)


Handmase single level hammocks. Examples shown. Size is about 12in x 12in. Solid colors and patterns. I will only have some colors/patterns available at any given time. 100% fleece. Price of hammocks may fluctuate based on price of materials.

Price: $5 each

(Order today!)

*Deal: buy 5 for $23!*  Must buy 5 for discounted price. 


Handmade double level hammock. Example shown. This hammock design has two levels. Rats can sleep on the top and in the pouch. Top measures about 9 x 9 and the bottom measures about 11 x 11.

Price: $10

(Premades sold out. Order yours today!)


Handmade twisted rope toy. Hang one end up as a chew/pull toy or hang both ends up as a climbing toy. Custom colors and sizes can be ordered. Standard about 15'' long. Large about 22'' long.

Price: $1 for standard, $2 for large

(Two large available)


Mini trick training basketball hoop! This toy is perfect for training your new rats how to play ball like the pros. Comes with three one-inch balls. 

Price: $7

(Only 1 available)


Mini trick training skateboard! This mini board is the perfect size for training your rats to go down ramps riding in style. Measures 5.5'' x 1.8'' in length and width. 

Price: $5

(Sold out)


Adjustable rat ring. It can adjust to fit nearly every finger. Makes a great gift.

Price: $4


Brain stimulating interactive treat holder. Put treat inside and keep them entertained for hours. High quality and durable. Top opens so you can easily place treats inside and easily clean when needed.


Price: $10

bin cage

Custom bin cages. Made to order. Allow for one week to assemble. Includes up to two windows. Design as shown using mesh wire, colored binder clips, and a 105 qt clear bin. Dimensions 32 x 19 x 13. Perfect for hamsters, dwarf rats, and short tailed opossums. Payment required in advance of assemble.

Price: $70 each or two for $130


Escape proof small animal carrier. These carriers are handmade using a small storage bin, mesh wire, binder clips, and a hot knife. Perfect for transporting rats, hamsters, and opossums. If not in stock, carriers must be ordered at least two days prior to the pickup of your animal(s). If in stock, please reserve the carrier prior to your appointment. Don't assume it's still available. Measures 14 inches x 8 inches x 4.5 inches.

Price: $10


Plastic chain with hanging plastic toys. Measures 14 inches long. They love to chew on the plastic shapes.

Price: $2 each


Colorful Sponge toy. Color of each toy varies. Measures about 9 inches long.

Price: $5

(Sold out)


Large 3-D ladder climbing and chewing toy. A rat favorite! Measures about 17 inches long including chain and 4 bells. If needed, the bells can be removed.

Price: $16


Organic, lightly baked thick apple wood. Each branch measures about 5.5 inches long. Will last through many hours of heavy chewing. A rat and hamster favorite!

Price: Thick branches are $5 each. Thinner branches are $4 each.

(Sold out)


Organic, lightly baked grape wood. Rats absolutely LOVE them. Fourteen per bundle. Size and thickness varies.

Price: $4 each

(Sold out)


Hanging three - ball chew toy with bell


Price: $6 each

(Only 4 left)

fresh eggs background closeup detail

Baby rats should be offered an egg a day when fed Oxbow adult food. My eggs are fresh and truly cage-free eggs. See the birds for yourself! Eggs available spring through fall. Most eggs are mediums - perfect for young rats. If you plan to buy eggs, it is really appreciated if you can bring your own empty egg carton or container padded with a lot of paper towels. Sold by the dozen.  

Price: $4 per dozen 

(Availability varies - please inquire) 

butt 2

Button quail eggs. Button eggs are a high protein rat sized delicacy. Each egg is about the size of a nickel. Delicious treat your rats are sure to love. Eggs are usually fertile so you can also hatch them if incubated! Sold by the half dozen.

Price: $5

(Currently unavailable)


Rope net climbing toy. Makes an excellent climbing item for rats and opossums. Highly recommended item! Measures 11'' x 8''. Also comes in green/yellow/white. 

Price: $12


Very pretty rat necklace. Made of brass, gold color. Measures 1.52cm x 1.52cm x 0.43cm

Price: $7


Rat laser pointer keychain. Points rat shaped figure.

Price:$3 - Now just $1 each!

(On Sale!)

rope toy

Wooden beaded wire rope. Multi color chewable wooden beads on bendable wire. Color varies. Measures 100cm long.

Price: $5



Replacement critter nation ramp covers.

Price: $2 each

(Clearance! Two for $1)


Very thick cardboard tube - roughly 8 inches long. Perfect for babies in new homes as a hide. Will be usable into adulthood. Three inch craw through space. Spot washable.

Price: $2 each

tube small

Large cardboard tunnel. This tube is thinner, but longer. It is thick enough to last about 1-2 months. Spot-washable. Measures 18.5in long 3.3 inches wide with 3 inches of climb through space. Perfect for rats/hamsters/opossums of any age. Babies in new homes really appreciate this tunnel as a secure hide.

Price: $3


Domesticated meal worms! Bred & raised by WWR&H. Live bag of worms for rats, opossums, or hamsters. Place them in the refrigerator to keep them fresh and in worm state 100 worms per bag. Insects MUST be ordered in advance of your appointment.

Price: $6 - Now in stock!



Selling the colony!

Sell out sale! I am selling the colony. Buy the entire set up (100+ roaches, cage, heat pad, thermostat, food, crystal powder) for just $100. Also accepting offers. Rats LOVE roaches and these guys are excellent producers. Reptiles such as bearded dragons also adore them. If seriously interested, please email me.


Large Rope knot toy. Measures about 3 inches across. Washable and durable! Assorted colors.

Price: $3