Not all toys and treats sold in stores are safe for rats. I have acquired these safe items directly from the company in bulk so that I can offer them to you for the best prices. Take advantage of what I have to offer! I really appreciate when people source their toys and hammocks from me. All items are brand new and made with safe dyes.

All items here are in stock unless stated otherwise. You can reserve toys/items before your visit! This is a good idea if you see an item you want and it states it is low in stock. If you want to reserve toys in advance, just email me by the email stated below. Please keep in mind that you will be committed to buy any items you reserve. 


I can ship orders over $30. Shipping is additional (generally $7.25-$13.50). 


Seasonal stuffed pumpkin toy. Measures about 4 inches across. Adorable fall season item.

Price: $2.50 (On Sale! Now $2 each)

b t 3

Super cute stuffed donut toy. Pink or blue. Measures about 5 inches across.

Price: $2 each

b t 1

Pepper, egg plant, and banana stuffed toys. Really cute as a hammock toy for your ratties.

Price: $2 each

(Peppers sold out)


Coconut hidey house. Made with real coconut shell. Baby rats in new homes really appreciate this cozy and secure hanging hide. Great for hamsters too. Size varies.

Price: $10 for regular $12 for jumbo

(Now 4 regular available)


Martin Cage - The Rat Tower (R-690) powdered coated version with opening top. I decided to sell this cage because I want more bin cages instead. See detailed info about this model in the "Cage & Bedding Info" section. If you would like to reserve this cage, I can hold it with full paypal payment for up to three weeks. Excellent condition. Does not include items inside it.

Price: $70 firm


Coconut hanging bowl. Made with real coconut shell. Includes cute plastic beads and flowers. Size varies.

Price: $10

(Now 3 available)


*Highly recommended product - Rat harness and leash. This is the only leash/harness I sell and recommend. It works extremely well and it's high quality. It's adjustable to fit all standard rats. This harness is comfortable, easy for the rat to move in, and doesn't bother most rats. Allows you to bring your rat outside safely and allows controlled out of cage play time. Comes in pink or blue.

Price: $5 each


More info on the rat leash and harness: 

This harness features a handle for you to hold and a short chain (from base of harness to start of fabric leash) to help prevent the rat from chewing at the leash.

I do not suggest taking your rat outside your home if you live in the city or have an issue with wild rats in your backyard. Great for most suburban homes for backyard exploring. Do not leave your rat unattended while on the leash. Allow your rat to adjust to the harness before attempting to take your rat outside. Keep outdoor exploring short. Exploring should not exceed 30 minutes. Avoid taking your rat outside in weather above 90 degrees Fahrenheit and below 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Do not allow children to walk your rat unsupervised.

toys lo

Multi weaved ball toy on chain with bell. Measures about 7-8 inches long, not including chain.

Price: $5


Large canopy toy. Measures 19 inches long from top to bottom. One bell on this toy. A rat favorite!

Price: $16 - Only 1 left


Large apple themed chew toy on chain. High quality and will give them many months of enjoyment. No bells on this toy. Measures 11.5 without chain.

Price: $16


Brain stimulating interactive treat holder. Put treat inside and keep them entertained for hours. High quality and durable.

Price: $8

(SOLD OUT) -More on the way


Plastic ball on chain. Measures 10 inches around and 3.3 inches tall. Inside is a mobile ball that rattles. Can be used without the chain to roll around the cage.

Price: $5


Hanging three - ball chew toy with bell


Price: $6 each


Plastic chain with hanging plastic toys. Measures 14 inches long. They love to chew on the plastic shapes.

Price: $2 each

rope ball

Pink and white rope knot chewing toy. Measures about two inches across.

Price: $2


Large 3-D ladder climbing and chewing toy. A rat favorite! Measures about 17 inches long including chain and 4 bells. If needed, the bells can be removed.

Price: $16

(Only 2 left!)


Organic, lightly baked grape wood. Rats absolutely LOVE them. Fourteen per bundle. Size and thickness varies.

Price: $4 each



Organic, lightly baked thick apple wood. Each branch measures about 5.5 inches long. Will last through many hours of heavy chewing. A rat and hamster favorite!

Price: Thick branches are $5 each. Thinner branches are $4 each.



Single level hammocks. Size is about 12in x 12in. Solid colors CAN include hot pink, dark blue, baby blue, green, orange, and light pink. I generally will only have some colors available at any given time. 100% fleece. Price of hammocks may fluctuate based on price of materials.

Price: $5 each

(Various colors/patterns in stock)

*Sale: buy 5 for just $22!*  Must buy 5 for sale price. 


Example of a possible hammock design. Rats can sleep on top and in the pouch. Custom orders available. Top is 9 x 9 inches. Bottom is 12 x 12 inches.

Price: $9 each

Premades sold out - order yours today!


Adjustable rat ring. It can adjust to fit nearly every finger. Makes a great gift.

Price: $5

rat neck

Rat necklace pendent. Measures one inch from top of loop hole to bottom of tail.

Price: 50 cents each


Very pretty rat necklace. Made of brass, gold color. Measures 1.52cm x 1.52cm x 0.43cm

Price: $7


Rat laser pointer keychain. Points rat shaped figure.

Price:$3 - Now just $1 each!

(On Sale!)

rope toy

Wooden beaded wire rope. Multi color chewable wooden beads on bendable wire. Color varies. Measures 100cm long.

Price: $5


Replacement critter nation ramp covers.

Price: $2 each


XL cardboard tunnel. This huge and very thick tube is an awesome toy for rats and hamsters. Built like a bat, it will last your rats/hamster a very long time. Spot-washable. Measures 24in long 4 inches wide with 3 inch climb through spacing. Perfect for rats/hamsters of any age. Rats in new homes really appreciate this tunnel as a secure hide.

Price: $10


tube small

Large cardboard tunnel. This tube is thinner than the XL tube and a little shorter. It is thick enough to last 2-4 months. Spot-washable. Measures 18.5in long 3.3 inches wide with 3 inches of climb through space. Perfect for rats/hamsters of any age. Rats in new homes really appreciate this tunnel as a secure hide.

Price: $5

fresh eggs background closeup detail

Stock photo shown above. Baby rats should be offered an egg a day when fed Oxbow adult food. My eggs are very fresh and truly cage-free eggs. See the birds for yourself! Available to those visiting. Eggs available spring through fall. Very limited supply. Most eggs are mediums or smalls - perfect for young rats. Color varies. If you plan to buy eggs, it is really appreciated if you can bring your own empty egg carton or container padded with a lot of paper towels. Sold by the dozen. Please let me know at least one week in advance if you wish to buy eggs. 

Price: $4 per dozen (NOT AVAILABLE - OFF SEASON)