White Wolf Seramas 

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I have a very small breeding program for table top show quality Traditional purebred Seramas. Seramas are the smallest chicken breed; well bred mature Seramas are about the size of a wild pigeon or smaller (8-19 ounces). My Seramas are from the best breeders in the country such as Kyle B. and Kate Meyers.

I will be breeding for the cocopop-like coloration with tri-colored chest feathers. Along with this color, I'll be selecting for perfect structure and temperament.

Price depends on quality, conformation, coloration, and age.

Price per bird:  $35-$300

There is NO wait list applicable to seramas. Instead, there is an email list. It's FREE to sign up! Just send me an email stating you wish to be added and you'll soon after see your name on my website under the "wait list" tab.

My Breeding Seramas 

white wolf


This handsome boy is a tri-feathered cocopop with beautiful green tail feathers. Pictured here at just a year old, he has plenty of time to improve beyond his current jaw-dropping state. He's sassy but very sweet. Love him immensely!

hen q


This beautiful young hen is the newest addition to my breeding program. She's just 11 ounces full grown. 



Another really pretty black and white mottled. Amara is my most submissive hen. She's breathtakingly beautiful and very sweet when handled. Her coloration is a combo of mottled and exchequer.


Isn't she amazing? This black and white mottled hen is stunning. Nice type on her. She generally stands better than this photo shows. Very clean and proud hen. Her coloration is exchequer. I am excited to hopefully get some chicks from her.