I am an open rattery/hamstery which means I allow visitors. You should not buy from a breeder who doesn't allow you to see their cages and the parents of the babies in person. These rules may seem silly, but they help protect my animals and my buyers while allowing buyers to come see everything.

1) Bring a carrier; you must bring a carrier for the journey home. I do not provide one. Please do not bring a box or cat carrier. You need a secure carrier for the journey home. You can find quality rodent carriers at Petco, Petsmart, and Petswarehouse. Make sure the carrier is a decent size (not too small). 
2) Visitors MUST use hand-sanitizer upon entering my rattery/hamstery. The hand-sanitizer will be provided. There will be no handling of any animals until your hands are sanitized.
3) Please do not show up without an appointment. You will not be welcomed.
5) Children under the age of eight are not allowed to handle my adult animals while visiting. They will only be allowed to handle the animals you have chosen and must sit down on my couch when handling them.
6) Visitors are not allowed to bring treats to give my rats/hamsters.
7) Visitors will not be permitted to leave the house with the rats/hamsters without paying the remaining balance in cash that is owed to WWR&H for the rats/hamsters.
8) Do not touch my cages or rats/hamsters without my permission. This includes - do not stick your fingers through or up to the bars of my cages. Makes sure any children you have with you firmly understand this. 
9) You are NOT to bring any rat/hamster you own already to my rattery/hamstery for any reason.
10) Obviously, do not try to steal from me. This should go without saying. If you attempt to steal anything or any animal, I will call the police and press charges for theft. You'll also be blacklisted in the rat community by reputable breeders across the country for your offense.
11) If you're early to your appointment, please text me that you're early and wait for my response. I only allow one group at a time so each group gets my undivided attention. Being early might mean another group is still with me. You might need to wait for them to leave.
12) Guests are not permitted to use my bathroom. There is a McDonald's right around the corner from my home.
13) Are you or anyone you'll be traveling with afraid of dogs or birds? I have a large indoor harmless pet bird, six small dogs, and one medium sized dog (who is always chained up when visitors are here). All of them are completely harmless, but if you or anyone you'll be with are not comfortable with my house bird or loose small dogs around then it's best to let me know before your appointment. Do not pick up any of my small dogs and please do not let my larger dog jump up on you if you go near him. 
***There will be a working camera on you during your visit***