As of 1/1/18 I have changed how reserving animals works! Please re-read the "Important Info" section. 

Currently a short female rat wait list! Available girls from the blue rex line in just 3-5 weeks. Sign up now for them! 

Wait list for rats:

Wait list for MALE rats:

  1. James Cummings - 2 boys, dwarf only
  2. Lucin Rosario - 2 males, dumbo only, would like at least one blue or black berk, any fur type, no dwarf (no Aussies)
  3. Jeannette Ng Rivers - 3 males, fawn rex or blue rex lines only, no dwarf, no hairless
  4. Brianna Sarno - 2 males from blue rex or fawn rex line only
  5. Christina/Owen Marks - 2 males, undecided
  6. Emilee Jahrs - 2 males, blue-rex/fawn-rex line, fine with dwarf, no hairless (May)
  7. Rob LaGasse - 2 males, any line, no hairless
  8. Laura Ciano - 3 males, blue rex line
  9. Gabrielle (Kristen) Martin - 3 males, aussie or blue rex line, no hairless, fine with dwarf 
  10. Jackie Dale - 2 males, aussie line or blue rex line, no hairless, no dwarf 
  11. Jennifer Sokoloski - 2 males, blue rex or fawn rex line

Wait list for FEMALE rats:

  1. George Wachsmuth - 2 females, any color/fur type, prefers silvermane, no dwarf
  2. Adalene Minelli - 2 females, prefers Aussies (Russian Cin, Platinum, american blue, Russian blue, SMs), no dwarf
  3. Andrea Stefens - 2 females only, blue or fawn rex line only, no dwarf, no hairless

Wait list for Hamsters:

Wait list for MALE hamsters:

  1. Samuel Rivera - One male (Cage approved)
  2. Susan Davis - One male (Cage approved)
  3. Jeff Willoughby - One male, fine with a female (Cage approved)
  4. Catherine Chou - One male (Cage approval pending)

Wait list for FEMALE hamsters:

  1. Garrett Armyn - One female (Cage approval pending)
  2. Stephan Thomson/Lyla* Thomson - One female (Cage approved)

Wait list for Opossums:

  1. Jacqueline Guzman - One of either sex (cage approval pending)