All good things come to those who wait! Sometimes the wait is short, but sometimes it can be as long as a few months. I can understand if you're an impatient person who wants rats right away, but rushing into a pet that is available sooner may leave you unhappy with the animals you end up with. The best breeders of all species do not have available animals all the time. Although the wait can be difficult to some, I help the process by providing frequent info and photo updates of the litters you're waiting on. If a wait for rats means ending up with better and healthier pets for years, isn't the wait worth it? Everyone who has adopted rats from me would say yes! I require a $10 wait list fee. The fee is for going on my wait list and it will go toward the final cost of the rats you end up with. It is nonrefundable. Being on my wait list ensures you get first picks of my next litters, but it is no longer required for you to adopt rats from me. If you don't want to be on the list, just watch my website and facebook page for updates. Going on my wait list is HIGHLY recommended. My rats are sometimes all sold before they are born due to the wait list so without going on it, it may be very hard to get rats from me - especially if you want a certain color/type.

Wait list for rats:

Wait list for MALE rats:

  1. Henry Buck - 2 males, prefers blue/beige H, fine with other colors (December)
  2. Gengi Niu - 2 males only, dumbo only, prefers blue berkshire/hooded, no dwarf (December)
  3. James Cummings - 2 boys, undecided (Dwarf, maybe?)
  4. Maegan George - 2 boys, any color/type, no dwarf (December/January)
  5. Lucin Rosario - 2 males, dumbo only, would like at least one blue or black berk, any fur type, no dwarf (no Aussies)
  6. Tal/Quinn Ben-David - 2 males, dumbo of two different colors, no dwarf
  7. Melissa Cruz/Myriah* McClellan (under 18) - 2 males, prefers blue or hooded, no dwarf
  8. Christina/Owen Marks - 2 males, undecided
  9. Meghan Ritchey - 2 males, silvermanes any color preferred, fine with dwarf
  10. Megan Palagonia - 2 males, any color, dumbo only, dwarf fine but prefers standard
  11. (On both lists) Jenna Gagliano - 2 males or 2 females, prefers blues, no dwarf
  12. Kelly Doran - 2 males, blue rex or fawn rex line preferred but open to Aussies within budget, no dwarf, no hairless
  13. (One both lists) Samantha Hutchinson/ Sean Stogner - 2 males or two females, fine with dwarf prefers standard
  14. (On both lists) Imani Fecu - 2 males or 2 females, happy with dwarf, no hairless
  15. Brianna Sarno - 2 males, open to dwarf, prefers blue-rex/fawn-rex lines, no Aussies, no hairless
  16. Rob LaGasse - 3-4 males, any color/type/line, open to dwarf, no hairless
  17. Jeannette Ng Rivers - 2 males, fawn rex or blue rex lines only, no dwarf, no hairless

Wait list for FEMALE rats:

  1. George Wachsmuth - 2 females, any color/fur type, prefers silvermane, no dwarf (From Wade x Amara)
  2. Salvatore Darmetta - 2 Aussies any color AND 2 dwarf females any color
  3. Adalene Minelli - 2 females, prefers Aussies (Russian Cin, Platinum, american blue, Russian blue, SMs), no dwarf (January)
  4. Diane Samples - 2 females, dumbos, will consider beige h, no dwarf
  5. Stefan Phillip - 3 girls, dumbo only, interested in Aussies, no dwarf
  6. David Bausch - 2 girls, but fine with males too, prefer dumbo - open to standard, any color, fine with dwarf if both dwarf
  7. Carol/Bobby Galasso - 3 females, fine with males, silvermanes greatly preferred
  8. Maggie Herskowitz - 2 females only, any color/type, fine with dwarf but prefers standard
  9. Cole Harbeck - 2 females, any color/type, no dwarf
  10. Samantha Alicia - 2 females, prefer silvermanes any color, fine with males, no dwarf
  11. Madison Dill - 2 females, prefers Aussie or dwarf any color, female only
  12. Vasken Choubaralian - 2-3 females dwarf &/or standard, open to all colors - preference for lighter colors
  13. Elliot Sochinski - 2 girls, prefers Aussies but fine with other types, no dwarf
  14. Steve Ertman - 3 females, any color/type, no dwarf
  15. Phoebe Blue - 2 girls, dwarf or standard any color except PEW
  16. (On both lists) Jenna Gagliano - 2 males or 2 females, prefers blues, no dwarf
  17. (On both lists) Samantha Hutchinson/Sean Stogner - 2 females or 2 males, fine with dwarf but prefers standard
  18. Scott Housman - 2 girls, interested in Aussies, no dwarf, no hairless (paid extra $10 for WL fee)
  19. Julie Barto- 2 females, prefers dwarf, open to standard, no hairless
  20. (On both lists) Imani Fecu - 2 females or 2 males, happy with dwarf, no hairless

Wait list for hamsters:

Wait list for MALE hamsters:

  1. Samuel Rivera - Male, any color
  2. Susan Davis - Male, any color

What list for FEMALE hamsters:

  1. None currently waiting - sign up for pick of the litter for girls!

Wait list for Opossums:

  1. None currently waiting - sign up for pick of the litter for either sex!