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I have a very small breeding program for table top show quality Traditional Seramas. This stunning breed is the smallest breed of chicken in the world. Well bred mature Seramas are about the size of a pigeon or smaller (8-18 ounces). My Seramas are from the best breeders in the country such as Kyle Baker and Kate Meyers.

At this time, I only have four Seramas: one rooster and three hens. Hoping for chicks next spring, 2018.

Price depends on quality, conformation, and coloration.

Price per bird:  $35-$200+

enzo roo


This beautiful boy would win any show I enter him in. Sadly, there are no poultry shows in New York. If there were, I have no doubt he would be grand champion. The breeder I bought him from when he was very young strongly agrees. Enzo is still just a cockerel at the moment. He will continue to mature into an amazing rooster. He has phenomenal structure, proportions, and stance at just 8.5 months old.



Isn't she amazing? This black and white mottled hen is stunning. Nice structure on her. Very clean and proud hen. I am excited to hopefully get some chicks from her.