White Wolf Seramas 

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I have a very small breeding program for table top show quality Traditional Seramas. Seramas are the smallest chicken breed; well bred mature Seramas are about the size of a wild pigeon or smaller (8-19 ounces). My Seramas are from the best breeders in the country such as Kyle B. and Kate Meyers. 

I will be breeding for the cocoapop coloration with tri-colored chest feathers. Along with this color, I'll be selecting for perfect structure. 

At this time, I only have four Seramas - one rooster and three hens. I am looking to bring in another high quality hen from Enzo's bloodline in the spring, 2018. 

Price depends on quality, conformation, and coloration.

Price per bird:  $35-$300 (Plus shipping for $65)

Eggs: $100 per dozen when available plus shipping (More info on hatching eggs below)

How to sign up for the wait list:

Now accepting wait list sign ups for eggs and birds. Estimated wait for birds is currently late summer to early fall, 2018. Estimated wait for eggs is just 2-3 months with more or less time possible. To sign up for the wait list, you must first provide an application through the "Contact Me & Adoption Applications" section. Once provided, you will get an email either confirming approval or denial. If approved, you will be required to provide a $10 sign up fee by paypal which is eventually credited toward the cost of your birds/eggs. If you sign up for the wait list, but later choose not to get birds/eggs, you lose the $10. Communication will be by text and email. Failure to communicate when necessary will also result in wait list removal. 


white wolf


This handsome boy is a cocopop with beautiful green tail feathers. Pictured here at just a year old, he has plenty of time to improve beyond his current jaw-dropping state. He's sassy but very sweet. Love him immensely!



Isn't she amazing? This black and white mottled hen is stunning. Nice type on her. She generally stands better than this photo shows. Very clean and proud hen. I am excited to hopefully get some chicks from her.



Another really pretty black and white mottled. Amara is my most submissive hen. She's breathtakingly beautiful and very sweet when handled. 



Wonderful hen. Her structure is not quite as nice as DeVil's conformation, but she's still a beautiful. Her coloration could be considered brindle mottled. Lovely hen. 


Hatching Eggs

When available, hatching eggs are $100 per dozen plus shipping. If you are buying hatching eggs, please read and agree to the following:

-All eggs will be packed extremely well in a large box and will be marked clearly as "fragile." Eggs will ship priority to arrive at their destination quickly. Photos of the box will be taken and provided to the client prior to being shipped. Once the package is out of my hands it is no longer in my control! Shipping is risky and the client accepts this risk with purchase.

-Fertility is NOT guaranteed. This doesn't mean the eggs are not fertile. I test the fertility of my eggs periodically to ensure fertility rate is steady, but I cannot actually guarantee fertility to each client due to the risk of someone potentially pretending their own infertile Serama eggs are the eggs from me. 

-Eggs are guaranteed fertilized by the rooster you expect them to be fertilized by. In other words, the genes of the sire are guaranteed. If I say a certain bird is the sire to the 12 eggs, then he is! Eggs are sold assorted from the hens and will not be marked for which hen laid each egg, however. 

With purchase of hatching eggs you are agreeing to the above.