"Being a breeder is a tough job - a true labor of love. I hope you choose to support my breeding programs! Without client support, I wouldn't be able to continue doing what I love. My clients are super important to me. I make sure to provide the best experience possible - from working with me to starting a wonderful life with your new loving companion(s) and every step inbetween." - Laurinda W.

Question: How do I begin the the application process? Answer: Easy! Ideally after reading over most of the website, go to "Contact Me & Adoption Applications." From there, you will see directions on how to fill out a quick application and submit by email. I always respond within 24 hours unless your email didn't come through. I will reply with whether you're approved or denied for getting rat(s)/hamster(s)/rabbit(s) from me and I will tell you how to proceed from there. I will also answer any questions you include for me.

Question: What happens if my application is denied? Answer: Most completed applications are approved, but I reserve the right to deny any application. I may not say you're denied. Instead - I frequently give suggestions on what you need to do before you can get animals from me. If you're denied without suggestion, there were too many issues with your application. Please don't take offense to a fully denied application. It happens sometimes and choosing who I approve/deny is part of being a responsible and ethical breeder. I want my animals to go to suitable homes and the reality of the world we live in is that not all homes are suitable. Some people need help realizing that! All received applications are saved by my email record.

Question: Can I stop by for a quick visit? Answer: You MUST have a confirmed appointment in order to come by. Drop in visits are not welcome. I am not a store.

Question: Why did you become an animal breeder? Answer: It's in my blood! My grandmother of my dad's side was a pug breeder and my grandmother on my mom's side was a parrot/bird breeder. There are also other animal breeders in my family tree. I love ALL animals (including insects, horses, dogs, snakes, everything!). So why small animals, especially rats, you may wonder. I have admired and loved rats for a long time. My aunt is the person who started my interest for these amazing and highly intelligent creatures. When I was around nine years old, she mentioned to me that you can have a rat as a pet. The idea seemed crazy to me. I thought, “Who would want a rat as a pet?” I found myself looking at them in pet stores. I had never noticed them before. I didn't even know they were sold as pets or at all. After seeing them I fell in love with the idea of a companion rat. I felt it would be an unusual and cool animal to have. Thankfully, my mother was supportive of my desire and soon, one of my first pets was my first rat. He was a beautiful black male with standard ears whom I named after a Lion King character. He was purchased at a pet store and only lived to be a year and a half old. Still, I have a lot of fond memories from him. After Kovu passed, I had three more rats - all of which were males. After the third passed away, I took a break from rat ownership. In 2015, I decided it was time to be a rat parent again. I thought about how these animals would be really rewarding to breed. Plus, finding reputable pet rat breeders with high standards and quality animals is difficult. After some planning, researching, and searching I began my breeding program for rats. The animals I learned from initially were animals from feeder stock. After a while, I stopped breeding them (aside from one line) and acquired better animals to work with in early 2016. I have since continued to improve the lines for temperament, color, size, structure, and more. My first hamster named Fiderits (Fid - er - its) was my first pet and I had quite a few hamsters before getting Kovu, so hamsters have been a special part of my life growing up. Hamster breeders are also very few and far between giving locals very limited or no options on where to find one who is well bred and ethically raised. I wanted to give the community a better source for their next furry friend. I also grew up with rabbits and dogs - both of which I am very fond of. 

Question: Why are you called "White Wolf Critters." How did that name come about? Answer: All pet breeders have name titles to distinguish breeding programs from one another. A breeder's name title needs to be unique from all others in the community. For example, there is "Clifford Sisters Rattery & Exotics" and "Evolution Rattery." There are multiple reasons why I chose "White Wolf." The first is my fondness of the species. I have admired wolves for as long as I can remember. The second reason, at the time of needing a name - my white Siberian Husky puppy was recently brought into my life. Some huskies resemble the wild wolf form. The third reason - I have a large white wolf blown up on a canvas in my living room. It was a Christmas gift. The final reason was that I heard of "Black Wolf Rattery" (now no longer breeding), which gave me the final push for claiming the name. "White Wolf Rattery" was available and had a good sound to it. Over time, I became "White Wolf Rattery & Hamstery" and then just White Wolf Critters.

Question: Where did your rat bloodlines originate from? Answer: Aside from one line, all of my lines came from other breeders. A few of my past animals have not come from named ratteries such as my own. I found them through networking. I received my dwarf, blue-rex, Harley, marten, fawn-rex, fairblaze, and Aussie lines from a breeder in PA who had acquired some of the best bloodlines in the country. Some of my lines can be traced back to Canadian and Australian breeders. The longer I work with my lines, the more I can understand them and improve them.

Question: Where did your hamster bloodlines originate from? Answer: I have one hamster bloodline. I have been working with them for a few years now. Part of the line originated from pet store stock (hamster breeders are hard to find), but over time I have made immense progress with their quality and temperament. In 2018, I added new blood using a breeder I found by networking. She’s an extremely private person and asked I not disclose her info.

Question: Where did your rabbit bloodlines originate from? Answer: Show breeders! High quality rabbits with impressive lineage. See the "Rabbits" section.

Question: How many rabbits do you have? Answer: The number changes on occasion, but my rabbit breeding program will remain small scale and only a limited amount of animals will be produced each year. I take extreme pride in all of my breeding programs.

Question: How many rabbit litters do you have per year? Answer: Not many. It partly depends on how many babies are born from each litter. For most upcoming years I'll have only 1-7 litters every 12 months.

Question: You look so young! How old are you? Answer: Currently 24 years old. I am a recent Stony Brook University College graduate, spring 2018. I am not a home owner. I occupy a living space inside my relative's home that can be entered through the home’s main door. For income I work for my relative's daycare and as a career, I write novels. Photo of me below.
Question: Are all of your rabbits on your property? Answer: Most are! Some of my animals are kept at a relative's home. I travel to their property every day to care for them. The rabbits/animals who are on my property are under heavy security protection. Security cameras, locked gates, motion sensor flood lights, locked hutches, motion alarms, etc. Trespassers will be caught and prosecuted. No trespassing signs posted.
Question: Do you offer a health guarantee on your rabbits? Answer: Yes. All rabbits come with a 1 - week health guarantee under proper care. If you would like more details on the guarantee/contract, please email me.
Question: Do you take in rescues? Answer: No. 
Question: Where do your huskies sleep/live? In my home. Ollie sleeps on the couch and Nessie sleeps on a dog bed next to us.
Question: Are your rats Seoul virus tested? Answer: Yup! I can provide proof upon request.
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The Face of White Wolf Critters


I'm very down to earth and friendly! Form a friendship with me. I am happy to hear from everyone who adopts babies from me. All of my animals come with "life-time" breeder support meaning that you can contact me at ANY point in their lives regarding questions or updates. I love to give out advice and hear how they are doing!

Disclaimer: I do not condone general interaction between rats/rabbits. This was for a fast photo shoot only and no other interaction ever occurs between the species.