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Albright road , Coram, New York 11727, United States

Long Island New York Pet Rat, Hamster, & Rabbit Breeder.

About Me

Reputable Small Animal Breeder

Quality bloodlines from other ratteries. Pedigreed rabbits from breeders such as Champion Dwarf Rabbitry and Murphy's Lops. 

Hi, I'm Laurinda.

I'm 24 years old and a Stony Brook University graduate. I hobby breed small animals for producing quality pets. All of my breeding programs are preformed with extreme pride and care. When I'm not working with the animals, I write novels or work as a daycare assistant.


Breeding For Temperament & Health

Temperament & Handling

Rats: I select for genetic temperament! Breeding for temperament is one of the primary focus goals. Socialization from the breeder can help build early confidence, but is most effective when preformed in the actual pet home. My rats are handled, but it's typical for an animal to need adjustment time when pet placed. When selecting for temperament, I look for curiousness, confidence, baby nibbles, being relaxed when handled, friendliness, good scruff with ideally a perfect or good tuck, willingness to eat from my hand, etc. All animals pet placed were tested to have good genetic temperament. 

Rabbits: Small breed rabbits are brought into my living room starting at about 4-5 weeks old. During this time they are heavily socialized in a pet home environment - extremely important for small breed rabbit babies. Pet placed rabbits are allowed to leave at eight weeks old. 

Hamsters: I socialized hamster babies from two weeks of age until they leave for a pet home. My hamsters are also heavily selected for temperament to ensure animals with positive behavioral traits pass down superior genetics. All animals pet placed were tested to have good genetic temperament. 

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Albright Road, Coram, New York 11727, United States

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