Contracts can be requested by email for review. If you don't request it, right before you reserve animals I will provide it by email for you to review. My contracts are very fair and have explicit health guarantees, both genetic and illness. I used to have all contracts listed here, but due to frequently updating them they change too often to keep them here for accurate examples. 

-All contracts include a NO breeding agreement signed and dated. If you wish to acquire breeding rights, you must discuss this in your adoption application. If you want breeding rights at a later date, either once you're on the wait list or once you acquire your animals, please email me and we can discuss it. 

-All contracts come with an illness guarantee. The guarantee for rats covers primarily lung related illness after they leave. The guarantee for rabbits is for one week after being picked up. The genetic health guarantee for rats is applicable for longer and covers a wide range of potential/unlikely health issues. Rabbits do not come with a genetic health guarantee. 

-The contract also includes the understanding of transferred responsibility. This includes vet bills, general care expenses, and the actual care of the animal(s).