Ollie (Oliver) is the official rattery mascot. He is a purebred winter white full AKC registered racing style Siberian Husky. Ollie is now embark health tested! He tested clear for all 170+ different genetic diseases. Ollie comes from a long line of health tested lineage for hips and eyes. See results by using his profile name on the Embark website: EMBK.ME/OLLIE75

Nessie is my young female. She's a black and white purebred AKC registered Siberian husky born 4/13/18. Her embark genetic health test results have come in. She's also clear of the 170+ genetic diseases embark tests for. Nessie's embark link: EMBK.ME/NESSIE7 Her father is out of champion and health tested lines! See here: https://pawvillage.com/pedigree/pedigree.asp?ID=1N6LU4R3TW&fbclid=IwAR0YjMX8GEeFCUR1Cq5DQfGhuz_jozAqiuhiD9GwLInJOYLr88PaN74-6ow

These two will be paired for a responsible breeding in 2020. Potential homes will be strictly screened. Ollie & Nessie are low energy and very quiet huskies so I'm very hopeful their pups will inherit these rare-for-the-breed qualities.


Nessie, just shy of eleven months old.

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