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Long Island New York Rat, Hamster, Rabbit, & Gerbil Breeder

Fees & General Info



Rats: Fee depends on genes expressed. Common varieties - $45 for one, $40 each for two, or $35 each for three. Discount applied to those who get multiple common gene rats. Rats who are not included in this fee rule express rare/uncommon genes. Most rats who have 1+ rare gene(s) are $75+ each. Uncommon gene rats are $50 - $60 each.


Rabbits: Typically $65-$200 per baby bunny.

Hamsters: $40 for short haired or $45 for long haired.

Gerbils: $22 for one or two for $20 each.

All scheduled appointments require a $10 appointment deposit by paypal if you're choosing a critter(s) in person. The $10 is credited toward the pet(s) you choose. 

Offering a free to join subscription email list. See the "Home" section. 

All animals come with a health & temperament guarantee and a no breeding agreement in contract. If you wish to breed my animals, we can discuss breeding approval. 

You must have a cage in your possession in order to reserve or schedule. A photo of YOUR cage setup in your home must be provided shortly after your application is submitted. Do not send me a stock picture of the cage-model from online. See the application in the "Home" section. 

Visits are by appointment only! 

Appointment Hours

Saturdays: 10am - 8pm 

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Bloodline Info


Rats: Almost all of my bloodlines originated from other breeders such as Runamuck Rats. To see details regarding each bloodline, download the document below. Each bloodline offers different genes and temperament tendencies.  

Rabbits: My rabbits are from champion show lineage. To learn more, please email me. My baby bunnies are heavily socialized prior to leaving. 

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Rare & Uncommon Rat Genes (docx)


Rat Bloodlines Official (docx)