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Long Island New York Rat, Hamster, & Rabbit Breeder

Fees & General Info



Rats: Fee depends on genes expressed. Regular varieties are $45 each. Uncommon gene rats are $65 each. Rare gene rat fees vary. 


Rabbits: Starting at $65. 

Hamsters: $55 each. 

All scheduled appointments require a $5 appointment deposit by paypal if you're only choosing a critter(s) in person. The $5 is credited toward the pet(s) you choose. 

Offering a free to join subscription email list. See the "Home" section. 

All animals come with a health & temperament guarantee and a no breeding agreement in contract. If you wish to breed my animals, we can discuss breeding approval. 

You must have a cage in your possession in order to reserve or schedule. A photo of YOUR cage setup in your home must be provided shortly after your application is submitted. Do not send me a stock picture of the cage-model from online. See the application in the "Home" section. 

Visits are by appointment only! 

Appointment Hours

Saturdays: 10am - 8pm  

Contact email:



Rat Bloodlines Official (docx)


Rare & Uncommon Rat Genes (docx)