Usually, not all of my breeding animals will be listed here.



Breed: Netherland Dwarf

Blue is such a pretty color. Danny is a pedigreed proven blue male. He is a beautiful boy with a nice temperament. He never fails to greet me every day! He's a wonderful addition to my small breeding program.



Bloodline: Aussie

Look at that perfect tight foot tuck - a behavioral trait she inherited from her father! Nora is a beautiful russian dove silvermane dumbo from my Aussie bloodline. She has large expressive eyes and adorable long whiskers. Nora is an exceptional rat. I have high hopes/expectations for her future offspring.



Breed: Holland Lop

Look at those thick floppy ears! Marilyn's pedigree is extremely impressive. Many best of breed, best of opposite sex, best of variety, etc show wins in her recent ancestry. Her color is broken tort. She is a robust girl on the larger side which is ideal for breeding. Her ears are a little long and her crown isn't perfect, but Amon's strengths will balance and improve her weaknesses in their offspring.



Bloodline: Aussie

What a beauty! Davos was born in late September of 2018. He is out of my Aussie line and carries the harley (long hair) gene. Lovely full coat on him. His coloring is either dove silvermane berkshire or light cinnamon silvermane berkshire with a dumbo ears. A big squish! Very sweet boy. He will be a strong addition to my Aussie bloodline.



Bloodline: Fairblaze

Love this girl. Sweetiebelle is a Russian Blue teddy-rex blazed berkshire dumbo. She is from my Fairblaze bloodline. Her temperament is amazing - she's like handling butter. Extremely trusting, mellow, and friendly. Can't ask for a better rat.



Breed: Netherland Dwarf

One of my gorgeous Netherland dwarf rabbits. Maggie is a pedigreed opal female. She's compact and super cute weighing only two pounds. I'm very excited and hopeful for her future offspring.



Bloodline: Stargazer

Pictured here as a young baby, I will update his photo once he's grown into the stunning adult I'm expecting. Silverprince is my favorite rat to date. A gorgeous Russian blue teddy rex silvermane dumbo berkshire. The result of a bloodline crossing (Fairblaze x Aussie) which birthed a new line now called the "Stargazer Line." I am very excited to have this precious baby boy.





Bloodline: Engelmann

Gotta love that face! Spike is an agouti lightning blazed berkshire rat from the Engelmann line. He has standard ears.

max 1


This handsome guy is my largest male hamster to date, however he was quite chunky in this picture. I have since made him slim down, but he's still a large male. His coloring is cream banded and he's a short hair. Very sweet natural temperament. He produces very nice babies!



Breed: Holland Lop

Amon is my beloved Holland Lop male. He comes from a long line of Grand Champion show winners and he has one show leg (win) of his own. A just a year old, I expect him to produce gorgeous offspring. He is tortoise color with a big wide head, full body, nice crown, excellent ears, and beautiful eyes. Very sweet boy!



Bloodline: Aussie

Merlin is one of my all time favorite rats. They don't get any squishier than this!! Gorgeous Aussie male. I believe he's a russian dove with lovely dumbo ears. He has a very tight foot tuck which is a highly desirable behavioral trait. Just the perfect rat. See this guy on youtube:



Registered name: WWH Nessie of the Night

Pictured at 11 months old. Ness is an AKC registered purebred Siberian husky. She's black and white with two bright, entirely blue eyes. Nessie has been genetic health tested by Embark. Link to her results below. She's clear for all 170+ genetic diseases/conditions. Ness has the BEST temperament you can ask for. An amazing dog - especially for her breed which are known for typically being very difficult. This girl wants nothing but to love and please you. She adores meeting new people, isn't destructive, and is great with stranger dogs and small animals. Ness is SUPER quiet for a husky. The breed is typically very vocal. She has a perfect scissor bite, nice overall structure, a correct sickle tail, and she's on the large size for the breed at 50+ pounds. Nessie is also low/low-mid energy, also unique for the breed. She will not have her first litter until 2020 when she's over two years old, but I'm extremely excited.

Nessie's embark link: EMBK.ME/NESSIE7

Her father is out of champion and health tested lines! See here:


Bella Bear / Katniss

This girl goes by a few different names. Katniss is a very large golden long hair female hamster. She appears short hair since long hair doesn't express much on females. She is a very large girl - my largest female to date. She's not fat! Just very big. Large wide head. Next to Maximus, she's noticeably larger. She has the softest fur and she's incredibly sweet.



Bloodline: Aussie

Commudus is a very nice American Blue silvermane Harley dumbo from the Aussie Line. Amazing fur on him. He comes from an incredible bloodline. Very excited to have this boy! See Commodus on youtube:



Bloodline: Fairblaze

This beautiful young female is from the Fairblaze bloodline. She's a Russian blue wedge blazed dumbo. Perfect example of her bloodline. Very nice temperament on her. See a video of her on youtube:



Pictured young here, Butter is a gorgeous cream long haired syrian hamster. She comes from a long line of hams born and raised at my hamstery. ButterBelle will make a wonderful addition to my small breeding program. Named after not only her color, but her mellow temperament - I have no doubt she will mother an incredible new generation.

st 2


Bloodline: Black Hooded

A stunning black hooded dumbo doe with such a perfect stripe is a true rarity. Such a special girl for so many reasons. Ellery is insanely sweet, friendly, and intelligent. She is 110% a shoulder rat. Even when she can climb from my shoulder to the couch she just stays curled up in my hair - which is unique for a young female. She'll happily chatter her bruxing teeth while relaxing on me as I watch a movie. She's also naturally VERY polite meaning she won't toilet on me - something I didn't have to train her to not do. She will have a rich breeding career, but once retired I will be keeping her to live out her days with me as a companion rat.