Semi-closed rattery/hamstery! This means visitors are not allowed in the official animal room unless I know you personally. Clients will still be welcomed into my home. New photos of my set up are now available. See below.

Photos last updated 5/27/18

All cages are cleaned 1-2 times per week. 

rattery 1

The top two smaller bins are used for first time rat moms. This is because new rat moms can sometimes have issues with keeping their babies in their warm nest if the cage is large. Moms will spend no longer than 12 days in there.

rattery 2

These bins are large! They measure 32'' wide and 19'' long. Total of 608 square inches. They are used to house hamsters or rats with litters.

rattery 3

The small wired purple cage is a transportation cage. The containers with blue lids store the dry rat foods. The smaller screw top container beside it stores the hamster seed/block mix.