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Long Island New York Rat, Hamster, & Rabbit Breeder

Long Island New York Rat, Hamster, & Rabbit BreederLong Island New York Rat, Hamster, & Rabbit Breeder

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Journey - The Novel

Genre: Romance, Fantasy Fiction, Adventure 

About the Story

The story tells the tale of a young woman living in Jackson County, Oregon. In her youth, her father died tragically in the wilderness while camping with her. Elizabeth, or more commonly known as Lizzy, grew up to practice nursing at a local hospital and worked with her best friend, Briana. After planning, Lizzy decided to venture into the forest that killed her father for a soul-searching hiking trip and in doing so stumbled upon a mysterious wounded man: Who is he? How did he get here? What wounded him?  

One of Elizabeth's pet rats accidentally ended up on the journey with her and becomes an important character in the process. Too late to take him home after a long helicopter ride into the wilderness, Lizzy travels with him only to quickly realize he was needed all along. 

The story is a grabbing adventure and  fantasy-fiction with a romance at its core.

More about the book:

  • First person: The story unfolds through Elizabeth's perspective, a strong female protagonist, in past tense.
  • Interesting antagonists  
  • Thrilling scenes 
  • Target audience: young adult - adult
  • Unique spin on werewolf fantasy fiction 
  • Length: 95,000 words, 35 chapters