This page shows current babies in the nursery or pregnant moms. The babies are not yet available! This section is just so you can watch them grow or see what litters are upcoming. Once they are ready for deposits, they will have individual or group pictures posted in the "Available Babies & Adults" section with their information under it.

Some upcoming litters may not be shown here.

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Kit's new Aussie litter. Born 3/17.


Congrats to Katniss! Finally a new hamster litter. It's been a while! At least 12 babies born 3/10/19. Katniss is a great mother so I fully expect most of these babies to make it. Father is Maximus. Photo taken 3/18.


BlueBelle's Netherland Dwarf litter of three is doing really well. You can see them in the fur nest (upper left). Mom is doing a fantastic job with them while housed in a maternity bin cage. First photo taken 3/6/19. Second photo taken 3/14.


Large Marten line litter. Born out of Rebecca x Damon on 2/21/19. Photo taken 3/18. This litter is 50% Aussie! Damon is a full Aussie rat with the Marten gene.


Maggie had three adorable opal rabbit babies born 2/15/19. Photo taken 3/5/19. If all goes well, they'll be available to leave around April 13th. Two are Opal (blue fawn) like the parents and one is a blue otter. Sexes currently unknown. Email list sign ups welcome. No fee to join. Request by email. Also accepting structured wait list sign ups.



Aussie litter! Litter of four.