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Consider a shelter dog! While not every family is fit for a shelter dog, there may be an older husky or pug in your local shelter who needs a home. Call around to see if there is an available shelter or rescue husky/pug who might be the right fit for you. Remember to consider all options. 

Meet My Dogs!


Genetically health tested by Embark! From health tested lineage for hips/eyes. Bred to be healthy companions with great temperaments.


I have just two huskies that make a breeding pair. I'm very small scale which allows my huskies to not only be permanent members of my family but it also means they do not live in a kennel! My dogs sleep in my home and are spoiled with toys, summer AC, and attention. They are fed a quality diet and are exercised when weather permits. Puppies are raised indoors with daily outdoor activity time.

Registered name "WWH Nessie of the Night" - Nessie is my beautiful black and white female. She adores meeting new friends, has a very loving temperament, and her structure is beautiful. Her striking solid blue eyes are captivating. She has no stomach sensitivity issues, no behavioral problems like separation anxiety, and needs minimal exercise per week - a perfect combination making her a rare example of the breed. Nessie has champion lineage on her father's side. 

Registered name "WWH White Oliver" - Oliver or Ollie is my handsome male. He is as white as snow with striking solid blue eyes. Ollie is very sweet and calm. He adores being scratched behind his front legs and will love you forever if you do. His pedigree has heavily health tested lineage for hips and eyes graded by OFA. He is a mellow husky fully content with a one mile run once a week when weather permits. He has no stomach sensitivity issues, no behavioral problems like separation anxiety, and needs very minimal exercise per week - a perfect combination making him a rare example of the breed. 

Color genetics: Most non-dilute colors possible - red, white, isabella, grey, wolf grey, black, sable. 

Embark Oliver: CLICK

Embark Nessie: CLICK


We have small upcoming breeding plans for adorable pet black pugs. The pugs are co-owned by myself and a close relative. They are beyond spoiled! More info coming soon. 

Planned for year 2020

Hoping for a husky and pug litter in 2020. Puppies come with a puppy pack, life time breeder support, and both a health guarantee and return agreement in contract. The return agreement states that the dog must be returned if the owner can no longer keep him/her. Potential homes will be screened.