Purebred Rabbits

Long island NY rabbit breeder. 

Proud member of the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA)! Small scale breeding program for grand champion show line Holland Lops, show-line / grand-champion-show-line Netherland dwarf, and show-line / grand-champion-show-line Flemish Giants.

My rabbit breeding program is very small scale - focusing on quality above all. My lines are from fellow show breeders who breed toward the standard of perfection.


Bloodline Info:

Most of my Netherland dwarf/lines are from Champion Dwarfs Rabbitry and Naturesnook Rabbitry.  I also have rabbits from a few other show lines. Legs (show wins) in most of their pedigrees. My current Flemish giants are from Casel's Rabbitry and Five Roses Rabbitry. The Five Roses bloodline contains many grand champions and leg (show) winnings. My Holland Lops are from Dyan Murphy - owner of the second best show line in the country. Grand Champion Bruno W602k is a recent ancestor with 71 show wins - including one best of breed (very hard to accomplish). Grand Champion Murphy's Baxter with 47 show wins and Grand Champion Andy A169P are also in the recent pedigree. Andy has 16 show legs including three best of breeds.

NOTICE: See the "Important Info" section for more info.

Quick Breed Info:

Holland Lops - Arguably the best lop breed. Hollands are the smallest of the lops (flopped ear type) measuring in at usually 2-4 pounds. They are true dwarf rabbits just like the Netherland dwarf! This means working with that tough dwarf gene. Hollands come in a wide range of colors, but I work with tortoise and broken tort. Hollands make excellent family pets and are famous for their loving and friendly nature. Their ears remind me of dumbo rats!

Netherland Dwarf - Netherlands are another very popular breed. They are the smallest weighing between 1-2.5 pounds. Netherlands are generally very sweet and energetic. Although their cage spacing can be smaller than larger breeds, Netherlands still need their exercise. They come in a very wide range of colors, but I work with blue, blue otter, black otter, and opal. My personal pet rabbit is a blue eyed white Netherland named Cody who weighs just 1.14 pounds. He's the sweetest little boy!

Flemish Giant - Flems are the largest recognized rabbit breed weighing 12-22 pounds with females being larger on average. Flems are very popular as well - known for being gentle giants. Calm and mellow, flems are wonderful family rabbits and do really well with free range in a rabbit proofed home. Due to their size, they are not for everyone. I have just two Flemish Giants who are Trevor and Catelyn. Catelyn is a massive girl. I am holding her in the "About Me" self portrait. I have not weighed her, but I'd guess her to be around 20 pounds. Trevor is my handsome and super sweet boy. He's smaller at around 16-17 pounds.