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Breeding for temperament, health, & conformation. Rare and common genes offered including but not limited to: Silvermane (D'Argent), werewolf/true-patchwork, harley, marble, dwarf, Tonkinese, black eyed white, black eyed Siamese, black self, roan, & more!


My rats come with a health & temperament guarantee in contract. 

Life Time Breeder Support

Life time breeder support included with every pet placed critter. 

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Long Island New York Fancy Rat Breeder



All of my bloodlines were sourced directly from another pet rat breeder. Some of these lines have been worked on for near countless generations by elite enthusiast-breeders who, like myself, focus(ed) on bettering the species with every new generation born. 

Pedigreed Lineage

All of my rats are pedigreed. Each generation and every breeding rat are carefully recorded in writing. Their book entry includes their rattery given name, birthday, type, health-notes temperament-description, full pedigree, and breeding history. 


Rat Bloodlines Official (docx)